Ice, snow and roads

Ice snow and roads

Ice, snow, and freezing temperatures have a major taken a toll on the roads on this winter. Did you know that driving over a pothole can damage your vehicle’s tires, alignment, steering, and suspension? Now, more than ever, it is important to take extra precautions on the roads. With these helpful tips you can be proactive on the roads and avoid damage done to the tires and wheels done by potholes. (more…)

How to Start a Limousine Company


Assuming that you are speculation to begin limo business then you may as well have sound learning about this business. There are a few steps keeping in mind the end goal to start a great limo organization that is lucrative and ready to support the business load. (more…)

What exactly is careless driving

What exactly is careless driving

Most of us drivers think we’ll recognise careless driving when we see it; someone one-handedly turning a tight corner while checking out their texts certainly looks to be motoring ‘without due care and attention’. And how about the lorry driver recently caught steering with his knees while brushing his teeth, or the lady found applying make-up at around 50mph? Obviously, this kind of activity is ‘careless’, if not downright dangerous. (more…)